Collab is a web app prototype that streamlines music collaboration. Collab's point of difference is that it is the only platform to provide the tools necessary for online music collaboration. It is targeted towards musicians that want to create music with others online. This was made during my final semester for my Degree Project.

Feel free to try out the webapp prototype by clicking below.

InVision Prototype

Collab's promotional Video

Mock up of one of Collab's Collaboration screens

Initially, I conducted research on the target audience and the competition within the market. I went through steps of creating a moodboard, type system, colour schemes and worked to a Gantt chart. Afterwards I began developing the brand image with a logotype, then created wireframes and a paper prototype.

Some of the logotype exploration

Collab's final logotype in color

Wireframe conceptualizing

A page from the paper prototype for testing HCI

Grid planning and on Screen developments

Applying a drop shadow and the colour scheme

Working with InVision to produce the final prototype

For a more indepth look, click the image above to access the prototype on InVision.